One Talk - Advanced Site Qualification and Validation

This tool will provide you with the necessary information to qualify and validate the location where the One Talk devices are installed or will be installed. To get started simply provide the number of One Talk devices you plan on deploying or are currently installed and press "Start Assessment" below.

Number of One Talk devices to be installed or in existence today*:
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  • Presence of some network devices such as firewalls can interfere with test results.
  • Choose the number of simultaneous calls that your business is expected to handle during peak hour.
  • This test will be simulating AMR-WB to calculate your results.
This is a thorough test and may take 2-3 minutes to complete
Color Codes Measurement Thresholds Line condition to support VoIP calls
Packet Loss MOS Score
Green ‹5 ‹=100 ‹ 0.1% › 3.8 Line conditions are excellent
Yellow 5+ to 20- 100 to 200 0.1+% to 1% 3.5 to 3.8 Line conditions are not optimal
Red 20+ 200+ ›1% ‹ 3.5 Serious issues detected, attention is required with your Internet connection
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